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SPED 7002 Autism Across the Lifespan (No Credit)

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Autism Spectrum Disorders are presently being diagnosed at epidemic rates of 1 in 68 children 
individuals in the general population and 1 in 42 boys. This number has increased dramatically in the 
last three years and last three years and in the last three years and numbers continue to climb despite
interventions and early diagnosis. early diagnosis. 

Individuals with autism are exceptional at  looking at data, dealing with mathematical 
concepts, attention to detail, the ability to focus over long periods of time, and looking 
at large bodies of information and spotting anomalies,” explained Lori Golden (2016). 

This course is purposed toward familiarizing participants with autism spectrum disorders including 
high and low functioning autism, disorders including high and low functioning autism, Asperger 
Syndrome, and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, which the DSM-V classifies as Autism Spectrum
Disorders. Additionally, according to recent statistics, 58% of the overall autism workforce are

Discrimination against this particular disability is epic and much higher than
other disabilities, because of the social aspects of this disorder. Neurotypical individuals
simply do not understand and cannot relate to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 
As a result, individuals with autism are susceptible to bullying across the lifespan and 
bullying shows up in the form of physical and mental abuse up to hate and loss of . 

This course addresses the realities that many universities are attempting to correct, but in a
much more meaningful and cost-effective manner because participants will be able to learn from
and interact with two individuals who have been diagnosed. 

Participants will become familiar with each disorder and subsequent social disruptions. 

Participants will learn about therapeutic and educational interventions currently in use.

Participants will learn about key social, behavioral, and educational strategies that can 
be employed to help make the autistic individual more successful in a variety of 

An overview of IDEA, ADA, least restrictive environment and other lawful mandates will be taught.

Participants will learn about educational and employment laws that specifically impacts
individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, such as providing the Least Restrict Environment,
accommodations, and other considerations.

Lastly, this course will present potential future applications, including living 
arrangements, career options, and educational requirements.

This is our No Credit Option.