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Leadership via Design Online Academy

“We are a unique boutique instructional design, education, and leadership studio. We work with you to
build and deliver the best, accredited learning and leadership programs and courses for the greatest
value according to YOUR needs.”

We offer various types of leadership and learning resources to serve small businesses, independent 
learning institutions, and organizational teams. 

We deliver online courses through our Course Delivery System powered by our own Internet Learning Portal.

You can purchase services, courses, and blocks of time right here, which makes this very efficient. 

Check out our courses, certificate programs, services, books, and other helpful materials.

We keep our work in-house, because we know that you demand excellence at a reasonable

We offer a variety of learning and programs - mostly online and via Go To Meeting. 

We are a Gold Partner with the Premier Network Solutions.
We have a Secure Socket Layer to ensure your transaction is safe.
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You can call us at 949-313-7569 during checkout if you have questions.
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of alternatives for your purchases. We appreciate your business!