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Certificate in Leadership Development

This Online Leadership Development Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of working 
professionals who want to develop or hone their leadership skills to seek a managerial position 
or develop higher levels of personal influence.  
Ultimately, this program is designed to help all
individuals seeking positions of influence go after a raise, earn a promotion, or get a new job.

This program will bring value in terms of affordability, access, and attention. 
The program is designed to be online, inclusive, informative, and intelligent to meet the challenges 
that leaders face.

This Program is Unique

Many Leadership Deveopment programs are expensive, time-consuming, and require costly travel. 
This program is affordable, online and accredited. You learn state of the art, meaningful, theoretically 
driven leadership skills customized to meet your needs. Courses in this program were patterned 
after many of the MBA courses we have designed and offer many of the same components. And, 
you can learn from the comfort of your own home on your own time - or while working in a cohort 
along with other leaders pursuing similar goals. 

Comprised of four courses, this program includes eight topics in each course. The topics are 
research-based, relevant, engaging, and meaningful. 

The online, self-paced courses are delivered through our easy-to-use, Learning Management System.
We meet weekly via Go To Meeting to learn, hang out, and network with other like-minded professionals. 
The idea is to build our network while we learn. 

And, unlike many other programs where you have to purchase Continuing Education Credits in 
addition to the price of the program, the cost of the credits for this program have been built-in. 
You don't need that hassle or extra expense, We handle that for you. 

Finally, after you complete all of the four courses, you will earn a Certificate in Leadership Development.
This certificate is awarded by Leadership via Design.

The courses include: 

  1. Introduction to Leadership Theory
  2. Leadership and Developing the Organization
  3. Servants as Leaders
  4. Leadership Capstone

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LDVP 5000 Introduction to Leadership Theory
Price: $249.99
LDVP 5000 Introduction to Leadership Theory
8 week course | 3 semester credits
LDVP 5001 Leadership and Developing the Organization
Price: $249.99
LDVP 5001 Leadership and Developing the Organization
3 semester credits | $625
LDVP 5003 Leadership Capstone
Price: $249.99
LDVP 5003 Leadership Capstone
8 Topics | 3 Semester Credits
XLSU 9004 Servants as Leaders
Price: $249.99
XLSU 9004 Servants as Leaders
8 Topics | 3 Semester Credits