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LDVP 5003 Leadership Capstone

Price: $249.99

This Capstone Course allows leaders to pursue a self-study and create a resulting portfolio, 
presentation, or publication to develop their leadership framework and 
take on the world. For example, 
leaders may choose to select a mentor or role model to interview, research, or read about, 
and then design and share a presentation.  Leaders may select a fellow employee (male or female) and
seek mentorship. If participants for this course decide they would like to seek a promotion, 
this course enables leaders to hone their resume, identify positions, create a path towards promotion, 
and work towards that goal. A list of potential projects will be shared during the first week of the course. 
Leaders check-in during our weekly meetings to share progress, seek feedback and work on their projects. 
Leaders conclude the course with a celebration and by sharing their artifact, establishing a 
project map, and planning next steps.