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SPED 6999 Social Supports for Children with Autism

Price: $149.99

This course familiarizes you with autism spectrum disorders from the social perspective. In this 
course, you learn about the social deficiencies and requirements for the autistic student at school. 

You learn support strategies to help the autistic student improve relationships with peers, improve 
eye contact, and identify a key person to bond within the school. You understand the benefits of
working with a trained Speech and Learning Pathologist at school to work with you in the classroom. 

Social Stories and (Picture Exchange Communicate System) or PECS will be explored. And, 
you will learn about beneficial apps for autism. These strategies were very helpful for my son James.

On a personal and professional note, you will be able to listen to James share his stories for how this was
possible. James lost speech at 13 months and later learned to speak over a 3-week time frame when he 
was 3 years old after working intensively with an SLP. This happened quickly and surprisingly.

Finally, you will learn meaningful, practical tools for helping the student in your classroom be 
more successful. Understanding is one of the keys to success for the autistic individual in all settings.