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EDUC 9030 Introduction to Online Teaching and e-Course Facilitation

Price: $249.99

Online teaching is an art. To teach an online course effectively, there can be a lot of challenges.
This course offers an overview of practical strategies and effectively, engaged online teaching for the
busy university instructor or e-learning course facilitator.  Participants will receive an introduction to
Internet-based learning theories, including gamification, and will be introduced to different types of online
teaching course design and educational technologies. Using real-life scenarios, Simulation, Case Studies,
and Communities of Practice, participants  will understand the challenges and advantages of establishing
a distance learning course or program. The course will discuss course design, development, implementation
and evaluation and the concept of building community. This course will prepare participants to re-design
Instructor-Led teaching practice for Online Courses. Online Instructors complete the course with a toolkit
of easy-to-use templates and tools that will engage learners, increase participation, and expand collaboration
from students while developing your network. Plan on meeting once-a-week online through Go To Meetings for
engaging live lessons.

This is the first course in the series. This course introduces learners to teaching an online course.