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EDUC 9032 Practical & Engaging Multi-Media Technologies for the Online Instructor

Price: $249.99

This course will introduce participants to leading learning management systems (LMS) and tech tools
that increase engagement, improve interactions, and cultivate learning in your Online Course. Participants
will learn about the latest multi-media tools including image editing, e-learning software, graphic design
tools, and practical instructional use of current tools. You learn directly from an experienced and highly
skilled technologist. During the course, we will have the opportunity to analyze several primary LMS and
identify strengths and weaknesses, challenges to use, and ways to integrate more live and engaging
participation. Participants will receive an orientation of what tools are available in each LMS, as well as
best practices for accommodating various assessment and collaboration assignments. Participants will
be introduce to the concepts of streaming vs. progressive download vs. download, different multimedia,
streaming formats and illustrated audio.The course will also explore how to connect instructional tools with
sound teaching. Online teachers leave the course with a tool kit of easy-to-use, engaging, and exciting tools
to enhance the online classroom. Sharing is done through Communities of Practice.

This course is the third in the series. Courses should be taken in order.