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EDUC 9559 Targeted Instructional Strategies for Educational Consultants

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This course addresses the demands and complexity of the work involved with Educational Consulting.
Topics that will be explored include lesson planning with colleagues, developing instruments that increase
capacity, steps included in pre and post observations, and introducing video tape in the educational
environment gradually to increase performance of the Instructional Coach and the teaching staff. 
Additionally, targeted instructional strategies will be presented and framed within four categories of
practice. These four categories include Project Based Learning Practices, Cooperative Learning Practices,
Experiential Teaching Practices, and Democratic Classrooms. Selected environments will also be taken into
consideration and presented by allowing Instructional Coaches opportunities to experience the learning they
want to engage. This is a process oriented course that will culminate with a Virtual Portfolio as the final
assessment piece that could be used in a job interview for an Instructional Coach position.
The fourth course in the Instructional Coaching series; these courses are targeted toward helping participants
get the job they want.