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LEAD 8001 Women's Leadership Skills in the Workplace

Price: $249.99

This course examines the multiple theories of leadership and how these theories relate to leadership
skills in the workplace. During this course, women learn how to administer leadership assessments that
relate to leadership. These ungraded assessments help women leaders determine their particular 
leadership skills, traits, and styles. Women will also watch a series of films that depict women leaders
in various situations.  Genres will vary.  Women should plan to share their favorite movie, artifact, or
song thatdepicts women leaders. Next, women will practice assessments by applying them to
females in movies.

As a result, women will come away with a deeper awareness of their own skill-set, plan ways
to overcome obstacles depending on assessment outcomes, avoid pitfalls common to women
leaders, and set meaningful goals to develop their own personal and professional influence
in the workplace.

No fluff. Real learning. Definitive outcomes.