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LEAD 8002 Career Advancement for Women Leaders

Price: $249.99

This course enables participants to identify and analyze potential obstacles in their career path.
These obstacles vary and may include motherhood, a lack of intentionality regarding promotion,
a desire to avoid the pitfalls of responsibility in promotions and uncertainty about how to advance
on a given career path. Career growth and planning often occur at different times for women,
because women sometimes choose family or job preference over advancement. This course
helps women better understand their internal and professional career drivers, enables women to
establish a path for career advancement, nurtures their leadership skills, and assigns a gap analysis.
Women answer internal questions reflectively, communicate in a safe setting, and improve their
internal and external network. Women work from case studies to craft a narrative that can be used
to establish meaningful goals. Women conclude the course with a clearer path and time-driven goals
for navigating their career.