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One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Price: $149.99

While there are many different models of coaching, I am a facilitator of learning.

There is a huge difference between teaching someone and helping them to learn.

In coaching, fundamentally, a coach helps the individual to improve their own

performance: in other words, help them to learn new ways of knowing and being.

  1. I listen to you and offer research-based assessments and insights.
  2. I provide personality assessments, recommend books, and give you homework,
    including reflective journaling to help you create new realities.
  3. I also teach you different learning models and leadership styles -
    using cutting edge theories that I include when I teach MBA students.
  4. I encourage you.
  5. I provide you with feedback and Action Plans to help you achieve your goals.
I provide one-on-one Leadership Coaching for Busy Professionals.