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SPED 6997 How to Cope with Autism in School

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This course is purposed toward familiarizing participants with educational strategies to be used for
children with autism spectrum disorders. You will learn about practical strategies for coping with 
autism in the classroom.

Participants will become familiar with each disorder and offered key structures for educating children
with autism disorders in general education environments at both elementary and secondary levels.
Through this lens, participants will be familiarized with academic interventions from a systems 

Special education requirements will be overviewed and suggestions for intentional integration
will be presented.

Opportunities for virtual learning, on the job training, life skills education, and special education 
law will be offered as an extended understanding in meeting basic educational needs for individuals
with autism disorders.

In short, teachers will learn about how to cope with autism in the classroom. Practical strategies 
will be taught. You will leave the course with a toolkit of strategies.