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SPED 7000 Transitioning Autistic Teens to Adulthood

Price: $149.99

This class explores the transition from autistic child to autistic adult. The course is co-taught by an
autistic person who is on this journey and enables participants to interact directly with a high functioning
autistic person to ask questions, seek inputs, and more deeply understand the lived experience of an
autistic person through the lens of pragmatic application.

Here's what you will learn:

You will learn about how to meet the needs of the autistic teen in school, navigate the maze
of social relationships, and cope with the often perseverative nature of non-neurotypical behaviors.
You will gain a more in-depth understanding of how to use the student's perseverative interests to  
function better academically and behaviorally. 

You will come away with ways to meet the unique needs of a teen in a social environment. 
This is not a teen that likes hanging out with other teens in the same way as
same-aged peers. You will understand ways  to leverage neurotypical students to
students to mentor and interact with the autistic teen.

This course sheds light on meaningful strategies to better prepare the non-social
teen for the social, educational occupational world. Case studies, scenarios, videos, role plays, and
other experiential learning techniques will be used to engage and educate.