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XLSU 9029 Instructional Design Through the Filmmaking Lens

Price: $249.99

Filmmaking like Instructional Design is an art form. The Director of a film begins the process of design
by considering ways the story will be shaped, designing the structure, plot, and length of the
production. There are also scriptwriting elements, cinematography aspects, and casting.
The parallels between filmmaking and Instructional Design deserve a more in-depth look as we seek
to engage learners through e-learning courses.

This online course is purposed to share filmmaking methods as an Instructional Design Integration.
During this course, plan on watching several movies, reading an affordable text, and meeting every week
to discuss ways to infuse filmmaking design methods into curriculum design and e-learning development.
In the work you do for the course, you will be able to use projects that you are already working on. You
will find this course engaging, meaningful, customized, and fun!

Priced at $600, this 3-credit course is affordable as a standalone option, or if you purchase the entire
Certificate in Instructional Design Program; you can substitute this course for XLSU 9024
Instructional Design in Corporate Environments.